Getting Started with Panoptica on AWS using Kubernetes Goat

By: Jan Schulte
Sep 1, 2023

In this blog you will learn how to easily secure your microservices apps running on Amazon EKS cluster using Panoptica, Cisco's cloud native application security SaaS service. We use an open source Kubernetes Goat application to see common misconfig...

Three Takeaways on Cloud Security from the IBM Data Breach Report 2023  

By: Shweta Khare
Aug 29, 2023

IBM’s annual Cost of a Data Breach Report offers its usual insights into the scale of cybercrime and the costs of security breaches. It paints a picture of a technological landscape which is becoming more complex, demanding and uncertain. As organ...

Webinar | Securing Application Workloads, APIs, and Serverless Functions with Panoptica

By: Shweta Khare
Aug 25, 2023

Application architectures have been transformed in recent years. Modern application systems have become more complex with monolithic applications being replaced by more complicated applications based on multiple microservices and stored on cloud pla...

What Is An Attack Path & How Does It Help Identify Risks? 

By: Becca Gomby
Aug 22, 2023

In this post, we discuss what an attack path is, how mapping an attack path works, and how it can help you get improved visibility into your cloud environments to better identify potential critical risks and vulnerabilities.  What Is an Atta...

Staying Ahead of the Threat Landscape: The Importance of Application Security Modernization 

By: Shweta Khare
Aug 7, 2023

In today's world, when we talk about software, we're usually talking about the applications that make our digital lives work. Software applications have become the digital tools that empower us to navigate our complex world, streamline our workf...

Cloud Security Fortified: The Future of CNAPP and CSPM Solutions

By: Becca Gomby
Aug 1, 2023

Cloud security risks are shifting, and organizations require more than just baseline security procedures in place to ensure they are staying ahead of opportunistic hackers. Cloud security posture management (CSPM) tools are table stakes for all busi...

Meet Panoptica at Black Hat USA 2023: Control Your Multicloud Security Chaos! 

By: Shweta Khare
Jul 25, 2023

The Many Reasons for Multicloud Security Chaos Multicloud environments and cloud native applications have become popular because they offer great advantages like flexibility, scalability, and backup redundancy. But, keeping these setups secure ca...

The 5 C’s of Cloud-Native Security: Key Challenges and How to Address Them

By: Shweta Khare
Jul 25, 2023

Cloud-native architecture is a modern approach to building applications that takes advantage of the benefits of cloud computing to create more scalable, resilient, and portable applications. As more organizations adopt cloud computing, and as...

Cloud Security Posture Management: Strengthening Defenses and Maximizing Cloud Benefits

By: Becca Gomby
Jul 20, 2023

What is Cloud Security Posture Management?  As organizations aggressively move to the cloud, Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is the name of a group of cloud security tools and technologies that aim to reduce the added associated ris...

Fortifying the Cloud-Native Frontier: Strategies for Application Security

By: Shweta Khare
Jun 29, 2023

The absence of cloud-native application security can have serious consequences for organizations. It exposes applications to higher risks of cyber threats, making them vulnerable to unauthorized access, data breaches, and disruptions. Non-compliance...