Revolutionizing cloud security: Panoptica’s CIEM and the battle against identity threats

Revolutionizing cloud security: Panoptica’s CIEM and the battle against identity threats

Gui Alvarenga
By: Gui Alvarenga
Jun 6, 2024

.blog_detail_content .content_detail_page h2 { font-size: 32px; line-height: 36px; } .blog_detail_content .content_detail_page li { margin-bottom: 1rem; } Imagine a scenario where an attacker, unnoticed, gains access to your...

Panoptica experience

Breaking News: Panoptica Unveils Seamless Onboarding Experience!

Sarabjeet Chugh
By: Sarabjeet Chugh
Dec 20, 2023

Hey Panoptica Community, We've got some important enhancements to the Panoptica experience to share with you today. Brace yourselves as we introduce a fresh, user-friendly onboarding experience that's set to simplify and improve how you connect a...

SecDataOps and Vulnerability Management

Introducing The Complete Guide to SecDataOps and Vulnerability Management on AWS

Jonathan Rau
By: Jonathan Rau
Mar 7, 2023

After going back and forth with my LinkedIn followers in mid-2022 about a post on vulnerability management on AWS, I transformed the thought into 110 pages (thanks to screenshot and code snippets) into what I believe to be the definitive resource fo...

Vulnerabilities in the Cloud

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Prioritizing Vulnerabilities in the Cloud

By: Becca Gomby
Mar 2, 2023

In cloud environments, assets, resources, and permissions are constantly changing and being updated. As such, risks in cloud environments are dynamic and new security findings and alerts are identified and sent to cloud security teams via their vari...

Asset Management

The Importance of 100% Visibility in Cloud Asset Management

By: Becca Gomby
Feb 15, 2023

Cloud asset management is a fundamental component to any cloud security tool. It helps organizations to identify, track, and protect their assets in the cloud. Cloud security engineers need 100% visibility across their cloud environments to enhance ...


Shifting security left: Advice from Amazon Prime CISO Brian Lozada

By: Luke Tucker
Feb 13, 2023

It was wonderful getting the cloud security community together in New York City last Thursday. We were so thankful to have Brian Lozada, CISO Prime Video & Studios at Amazon join us for a brief Q&A with Panoptica CEO and Cofou...


The Dangers of Corrective Auto Remediation in Your Public Cloud

By: Becca Gomby
Feb 10, 2023

We’ve been hearing more often than ever before, questions about Security Orchestration & Automated Response (SOAR) or simply “auto remediation,” which is the ability to automatically execute actions in response to detected security inciden...

Cloud Engineer

Maximizing Your Efficiency as a Cloud Engineer: The Right Tools Make All the Difference

By: Becca Gomby
Feb 6, 2023

For most cloud security engineers and DevOps teams, especially in fast-paced SaaS organizations, your main objective is to secure their organizations’ cloud environments as efficiently and effectively as possible. Your ability to easily integrate ...


ROI and Total Cost of Ownership for the Panoptica Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

By: Luke Tucker
Feb 2, 2023

Choosing the right tools that efficiently reduce risk is a top priority for many organizations. The Panoptica platform provides various benefits: Short time to value via out of the box contextualized cloud risk prioritization, Impro...


Why a CNAPP Solution is the Next Step in Cloud Security Evolution

By: Becca Gomby
Jan 24, 2023

Cloud security risks are shifting, and organizations require more than just baseline security procedures in place to ensure they are staying ahead of opportunistic hackers. Cloud security posture management (CSPM) tools are table stakes for all busi...