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Achieve full compliance and ensure cloud security best practices

Whether AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, or a hybrid configuration—Panoptica scans, monitors, and instantly remediates your cloud stack to ensure they align with compliance requirements.


Continuous cloud security compliance at scale

Meet industry compliance standards and protect sensitive data with automated compliance monitor

Panoptica ensures your cloud stack runs securely while meeting the relevant and required compliance standards in the market. Whether CIS, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2—We’ve got you covered.


Close security gaps and potential vulnerabilities across your cloud stack at scale

Ensure your cloud stack is covered from end-to-end and scanned on a continual basis for any new vulnerabilities, even as your business grows, and your cloud environment expands.

Stay compliant across cloud environments

Easy asset and inventory management

Visualize, sort, and group your assets easily within Panoptica’s dashboard and gain increased visibility into all your organization’s cloud assets.


Beyond compliance, prioritizing the risks that matter most

Compliance and posture management are essential however, being compliant doesn’t necessarily mean being the most secure.Panoptica takes CSPM to the next level by surfacing not only the relevant compliance benchmarks but likewise connecting security issues and vulnerabilities found across your cloud stack.

Achieve a resilient cloud security posture