Leading the Way in Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

Elevate your cloud Identity security with Panoptica CIEM

Panoptica’s CIEM solution provides a comprehensive security solution to centralize management and security of user identities, access permissions, and entitlements across cloud environments. Detect cloud identity vulnerabilities and better secure access to your multi-cloud environment.

Stop Cloud Identity Threats

Secure your organization against identity-based threats. Panoptica’s CIEM Solution enables organizations and security teams to prevent, detect, and mitigate identity threats before they impact operations.

  • Real-time detection: Continuously monitor for unusual activities and potential breaches.
  • Risk analysis and Attack Path Analysis: Access and prioritize risks with out of the box attack path visualization, identifying compromised accounts and identities.

A Single Source of Truth for Identity Security

Centralize your identity management with Panoptica’s CIEM solution. Ensure consistent and comprehensive security across all cloud platforms.

  • Unified identity management: Maintain a single, consolidated view of all cloud identities.
  • Consistent security policies: Apply uniform security policies to all identities, minimizing risks and ensuring compliance.
  • Identity risk analysis: Intuitive visualizations, detailed risk analysis, and customized reporting enable application security teams to easily comprehend and prioritize permissions for remediation.
  • Flexible deployment: Panoptica’s CIEM solution is natively integrated across all major cloud service providers, ensuring consistent and robust security posture across the entire cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Access and Permission Control

Take control of your cloud permissions, ensuring that access is appropriately managed and secured.

  • Granular access control: Enable security teams to define and enforce access policies for all cloud resources.
  • Real-time permission analysis: Monitor permissions in real-time to prevent unauthorized access, and comprehensively analyze and report on the actual usage of permissions across various cloud assets, such as EC2 instances, roles, and service accounts.

Ensure Least-Privilege in Multi-Cloud Environment

Complete visualization and monitoring to enforce least-privilege policies across all cloud environments.

  • Minimize over-permissioned identities: Ensure that users have the only permissions they need to perform their roles.
  • Multi-cloud policy coverage: Apply least-privilege policies consistently across AWS, Azure, and other cloud platforms.

Comprehensive Identity Protection

Visualize, manage, and secure identities across clouds with comprehensive protection.

  • End-to-end identity security: Unify visibility and protection of identities from creation to deactivation, across multi-cloud environment.
  • Adaptive security measures: Adapt your security measures to counter emerging threats.
  • Identification of unused permissions: Flag and report on permissions that show little or no usage, aiding in the identification of potentially unnecessary access.

Azure Identity Analyzer

Analyze and optimize Azure identities to ensure least privilege access, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

AWS Permission Usage

Gain visibility into AWS permission usage, helping to enforce least privilege policies and enhance overall security.

Least Privilege Policy

Policy Optimization: Highlight and implement least privilege policies across your AWS environments, ensuring minimal exposure to threats.

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