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Secure cloud native applications and prioritize risks with precision

Panoptica is a unified cloud application security solution offering unmatched precision in finding and fixing risks across your cloud native applications. Detect issues and vulnerabilities earlier in development, speed up remediation, and ensure security and compliance monitoring is consistent and continuous.

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Code-to-cloud security from development to runtime

Panoptica cloud native application security solution

Prioritize critical vulnerabilities and cut through the noise

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Safeguard cloud native apps with precision

Get unparalleled security for all of your cloud native applications and workloads, across your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure, and at every step of the software development lifecycle.

Gain deep insights into risks and compliance

Panoptica elevates CSPM to a higher level by not only presenting the applicable compliance benchmarks, but also establishing connections between security issues and vulnerabilities identified throughout your entire cloud infrastructure.

Get actionable remediation with meticulous accuracy

Leverage unified cyber insights to uncover deeper insights with root cause analysis and dynamic remediation. Stay protected against known vulnerabilities in container images, configuration drift with runtime policy-based remediation.


An intelligent advisor for your cloud

Dive deeper into cloud security needs for your environment. Iterative discovery provides customized assistance and security best practices. Mitigate GenAI security risks through an LLM security protection suite inside Panoptica.

Activate dynamic remediation

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

Real-time risk scanning and remediation

Accurately assess the criticality of attack paths discovered with more granular detail than ever before, extending the attack path out to data sources. Correlate security data points to detect suspicious behavior, identify active attacks, and predict potential zero-day attacks.

Secure serverless environments

Secure your applications from development to runtime

Reduce tools and vendors as you create secure, compliant cloud native apps.

Cloud Native Application Security Solution

With comprehensive attack path analysis, root cause analysis, and dynamic remediation techniques, you can view potential risks through the eyes of an attacker.

Attack-Path Analysis

Enhance your security posture by safeguarding against known vulnerabilities in container images, mitigating configuration drift, and implementing runtime policy-based remediation measures.

Code & CI/CD Security

Scan, monitor, and remediate critical attack paths in your cloud stack instantly for robust security and compliance alignment.


Scale across clusters and multi-cloud environments, secure your containers, serverless, VMs, and Kubernetes environments with efficiency.

Cloud Native Application Security Solution

We are excited to announce that the new features will be widely available in Panoptica starting Fall 2023

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