Secure Your Data Across the Cloud with Panoptica DSPM 

In the rapidly evolving world of cloud-native security, Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) is crucial for maintaining robust control over your valuable data assets. Panoptica’s DSPM solution empowers your organization to secure data with precision across your entire cloud environment. 

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Comprehensive Data Protection for the Cloud Era 

Panoptica DSPM provides end-to-end data security capabilities: 

  • Asset Discovery: Automatically detect and manage data across cloud databases, storage, and unmanaged data stores. Gain full visibility into your data landscape
  • Data Classification: Identify where your most sensitive data (i.e., PHI, PII, and PCI) resides within your organization
  • Posture Assessment: Identify and remediate key data vulnerabilities related to encryption, access controls, logging, backups, and monitoring. Strengthen your security posture
  • Attack Path Analysis: Incorporate data into attack path modeling to proactively identify and mitigate potential exploits data risks and sensitivity into attack 
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Why Panoptica DSPM?

Panoptica’s DSPM solution offers unmatched benefits: 

  • Discover and secure data across managed and unmanaged assets
  • Gain real-time visibility into data risks
  • Ensure compliance with data protection standards
  • Detect and respond swiftly to data threats
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Managed vs Unmanaged Data Assets

Panoptica secures data whether it resides in managed cloud services or unmanaged customer-installed data stores. This comprehensive coverage ensures no data repository is overlooked.

  • Managed Data: Data across cloud services including AWS Redshift, AWS RDS, Azure Databases,  Azure  Storage, GCP BigQuery, Kubernetes configurations, and more 
  • Unmanaged Data: Data in customer-installed data stores such as PostgreSQL, MariaDB, or Redis installed on instances of AWS EC2, Azure Virtual Machines, or GCP Compute Engine 


Panoptica discovers unmanaged data assets that may otherwise go unnoticed, closing critical security gaps. 

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Get Started with Panoptica DSPM 

Ready to secure your data with the precision of Panoptica DSPM? Request a demo today and see the platform in action. Our experts will show you how Panoptica can transform your cloud data security.

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