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Yes! Panoptica supports image registries (JFrog Artifactory, AWS Elastic Container Registry, Google Container Registry and Azure Container Registry, Quay), CI plugins (Jenkins, CircleCI, GitLab, Azure DevOps), CD plugins (Helm, Terraform), orchestrations (Kubernetes, AWS EKS, GCP GKE, Azure AKS, OpenShift, Rancher), and service meshes (Istio/Envoy, SMI/Envoy, Linkerd).
You bet! Panoptica secures application traffic within a cluster to protect data in untrusted environments. It provides automatic identity, using a federation mechanism to enforce authorization policies.
Absolutely! Panoptica works seamlessly with a service mesh and uses it to provide full Kubernetes network visibility and security. Leverage Istio service mesh to protect multi-cluster communications, enforce segmentation, and gain visibility into your workloads.