Code & CI/CD Security

Panoptica offers robust security from CI/CD to runtime, providing a “single pane of glass” for Kubernetes, serverless, and API security. Get real-time vulnerability detection from development to runtime.

screenshot: Code & CI/CD Security

“Shift-left” to boost cloud security

Panoptica gives you a shift-left approach to security testing by letting you scan IaC templates and scripts for security risks and misconfigurations before deploying them to production. If you can see ahead of time how code may impact production, you can pinpoint and address security issues during development instead of after deployment. Keep things proactive and continuous by embedding security into the entire development cycle.

Shift-left to boost cloud security

Enhance supply-chain security with automated SBOMs

If you can automate SBOM generation during the build, you can find vulnerable components, especially in open source code. Panoptica uses the latest industry standards to sign and verify software, including sigstore keyless, symmetric, and asymmetric code signing, to make sure your software is secure and reliable.

Enhance supply-chain security with automated SBOMs

Embrace open source for cloud native security solutions

Many of Panoptica’s features took root in our welcoming community of open source contributors and came to fruition in public amongst like-minded individuals. Functionality such as software supply-chain security, API security, Kubernetes security, container security, and serverless security all are based on open source innovation. 

Embrace open source for cloud native security solutions


Panoptica fits seamlessly into your environment and integrates with the observability and monitoring tools you rely on now.

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AWS Lambda
Google Kubernetes Engine

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