Quickly discover and remediate the exploitable gaps in your cloud with Panoptica’s proprietary Attack Path Engine

Prioritize, and fix exploitable attack vectors with comprehensive attack path analysis, root cause analysis, and dynamic remediation


Uncover exploitable gaps

Reveal new and unknown risks by looking through the lens of a potential attacker

Proactively map security findings and connect the dots between potentially exploitable assets and resources through surfacing critical attack paths. Gain a better understanding and broader visibility into the full impact of the vulnerable areas across your organization’s cloud environment. Our expert cloud security researchers are constantly improving our attack path patterns based on threat insights and new cloud services.

See what the attacker sees

Determine the root cause of an issue

Context incorporates elements from a variety of risk categories—starting from the network exposure of the asset in question, continuing to the asset whose access privileges are elevated by risky roles and permissions attached, all the way to the “crown jewel”— the exploitation of sensitive data.  By querying the Neo4j graph database Panoptica is built on, our root cause analysis algorithm presents you with easy-to-understand foundational issues impacting dozens of environments, saving cloud engineers countless hours.

Determine an issue's root cause

Dynamic remediation powered by GenAI with customized code for DevOps

Remediation is essential to the power of attack path technology, allowing your organization to customize the guardrails and remediation that suits your specific environments, user access, and relevant permissions. Get IaC built for you: just review and deploy closing security gaps faster than ever.

Activate dynamic remediation

Prioritize what matters. Focus on the critical vulnerabilities and cut through the noise.

Through surfacing critical attack paths, security teams can focus on the most impactful vulnerabilities and quickly and easily reduce your organization’s risk. It uncovers blind spots and helps with both tracking and prioritizing threats. Attack paths increase the productivity of both risk reduction efforts and attack mitigation, leading to more intuitive and improved decision making, so your team can focus on making a bigger business impact, and less on clearing out the noisy alerts. Go beyond surface level insights with root cause analysis and dynamic remediation.

attack path analysis

Achieve a resilient cloud security posture