Secure your hybrid cloud from build to runtime

Panoptica from Outshift by Cisco is a cloud native application security platform that leverages graph-based technology to secure your cloud across any provider. Navigate complex vulnerabilities with Panoptica’s innovative Attack Paths for unbeatable cloud security. Schedule a demo now to anticipate and fortify against potential threats. 

Panoptica offers: 

Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

Unify your cloud security tools and stop working in silo. Whether AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, or a hybrid configuration – scan, monitor, and get complete visibility across your cloud stack to ensure you implement cloud security best practices at scale. 

Attack-Path Analysis

Quickly discover and remediate the exploitable gaps in your cloud with Panoptica’s proprietary Attack Path Analysis. Prioritize and fix exploitable attack vectors with comprehensive attack path analysis, root cause analysis, and dynamic remediation. 

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Cloud Security Posture Management

Attain continuous cloud security at scale. Cloud security done right, means your business should meet its compliance requirements along the way. From vulnerability management, CSPM and infrastructure as code scanning, Panoptica’s comprehensive cloud security platform gives a near “one-stop shop” for cloud-focused TSC’s. 

CI/CD Security

Scan and protect your build to improve CI/CD cycles and the ability to run seamlessly from build to runtime. Connect the dots between security and compliance requirements and those of the development teams. 

Cloud Workload Protection

Ensure dynamic defense and safeguard your cloud environment from potential threats, ensuring you operate with confidence and security across every workload. 

Application & API Security

Inventory APIs, assess risk, and analyze specs with a single solution.