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Breaking News: Panoptica Unveils Seamless Onboarding Experience!

Sarabjeet Chugh
Wednesday, Dec 20th, 2023

Hey Panoptica Community,

We've got some important enhancements to the Panoptica experience to share with you today. Brace yourselves as we introduce a fresh, user-friendly onboarding experience that's set to simplify and improve how you connect and engage with Panoptica!

The Challenge

We've listened to your feedback and identified a common hurdle—first-time users grappling with the onboarding process that involves connecting their cloud accounts or Kubernetes clusters to get value quickly from Panoptica’s cloud security solutions.

The Solution: Introducing Two Distinct Paths

Path 1: For Pioneers

Are you coming in hot from our ungated external attack surface scanning tool called (If you haven’t tried yet, give it a try by simply entering a URL you would like to scan for security vulnerabilities.) With this launch, we've tailored a direct path to guide you seamlessly through connecting your cloud account. No more roadblocks, just a smooth journey to Panoptica activation.

Path 2: Tailored for Your Security Focus

For our other new users, we're taking a different approach. We want to know your security focus upfront. Based on your response, we'll guide you through the precise connection steps you need to take.

Your Input Matters

See something amiss? Have a suggestion? Message us on this blog or email. Your direct feedback is crucial as we continue to refine and enhance both onboarding paths.

What Does This Mean for You?

Panoptica is not just getting an update; it's evolving. This upgrade translates to a more straightforward, efficient, and enjoyable experience for you, our community.

Join Us on This Journey

Buckle up, Panoptica users! We're thrilled to embark on this journey with you. Try out the new onboarding paths and let us know your thoughts. Your experience is at the heart of everything we do. Signup now.

New Onboarding Paths - Panoptica