Are your APIs secure? Try our new free tool: API Specification Evaluator

Rami H.
Thursday, Mar 14th, 2024

With the growing footprint of APIs, there is a strong need for secure-by-design APIs. A design blueprint of an API would be a helpful start in determining the security standard of an API. Fortunately, APIs have that blueprint known as an OpenAPI Specification.

API Specifications play a crucial role in ensuring the security and functionality of APIs. The full Panoptica platform expands on the capabilities of the API Specification Evaluator, with deeper assessment of API specifications to ensure adherence to industry standards, compatibility with various systems, and overall robustness.

To get started, simply upload an API Specification (YAML or JSON format) file, and you will be presented with security insights of your environment. This tool leverages Panoptica, which is a CNAPP & CSPM solution at the forefront of providing advanced tools and solutions for securing APIs.

API Spec Evaluator

Key Features of the API Specification Evaluator

  • Validation of API specifications against the OpenAPI standard
  • Identification of potential security vulnerabilities and compliance issues
  • Automated testing to streamline the evaluation process and enhance efficiency
  • Detailed insights and actionable recommendations for improvement

By integrating Panoptica's API Specification Evaluation capabilities into the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), teams can significantly streamline their processes. This leads to reduced errors, faster time-to-production, and enhanced overall quality of the APIs in production.

API Specifications are an easy way to test for your APIs security from the design-level, keeping in mind your organizational need for the highest standards of quality, security, and interoperability. As the demand for seamless integration and connectivity continues to grow, Panoptica's solution plays a key role in shaping the future of API development.

Stay tuned for more insights into the world of API and cloud-native security solutions.

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