Secure incoming Amazon API Gateway traffic with Panoptica 

Meenakshi Kaushik
Tuesday, Nov 21st, 2023


Panoptica Cisco’s Cloud Application Security platform provides end-to-end lifecycle protection for cloud native application environments. It empowers organizations to safeguard their APIs, serverless functions, containers, and Kubernetes environments.  

Our focus is to reduce customers' security notification alert fatigue caused by tool sprawls, expand security to detect zero-day attacks by including runtime anomaly detection, and detect real-time attacks faster than the customer's attack dwell time. Panoptica helps customers prioritize and remediate risks with precision across three dimensions: first, your entire application stack, namely infrastructure, workloads, and APIs; second, from code development to runtime; and third, detecting security in near real-time to provide seamless security across clusters and multi-cloud environments

APIs are the core of modern-day cloud-native applications. They expose the inner workings of application logic and carry sensitive data, hence serving as the first step of an attacker's journey. We continuously expand our API trace sources to protect API-based applications from leaking customer information, prevent service disruption, and meet compliance requirements. We have now added support for Amazon API Gateway as an API trace source to enable comprehensive multi-cloud security. 

Secure Amazon API Gateway traffic with Panoptica 

API Security involves protecting incoming ingress API traffic, APIs within the VPC, and API traffic flowing to third-party or business partner APIs. There are many ways customer traffic can ingress AWS, such as through Amazon CloudFront to third-party gateways like Istio, Nginx, Kong, or via Amazon API Gateway. For customer deployments using Amazon API Gateway as ingress traffic, Panoptica provides an easy CloudFormation or Terraform deployment option to enable continuous traffic monitoring of Amazon API Gateway traffic, as shown below. 

Secure Amazon API Gateway traffic with Panoptica 

Fig 1: Automated, out-of-band, continuous Amazon API Gateway traffic monitoring 

This capability enables Panoptica to catalog and provide rich visibility into ingress APIs from the Amazon API Gateway and monitor the OWASP API Security Top 10 threats. 

Watch the demo below:

Protecting the ingress traffic is only one part of the security journey Stay tuned as we continuously expand functionality to secure AWS intra-VPC and egress traffic. 


The Panoptica API Security solution enables comprehensive API security from all your multi-cloud trace sources, including Amazon API Gateway. Panoptica secures against complex API attacks, including those identified in the OWASP API Security Top 10 list. Panoptica leverages API Security as one of the dimensions to build an end-to-end attack path, enabling precise prediction to help customers reduce the most urgent risks with minimal effort. 

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