How a Graph-Based Approach Can Elevate Your Cloud Security

By: Roy Maor
Sep 27, 2023

Ever wondered how large organizations map complex cloud architecture, complete with dynamic assets, fast-paced changes, and tightly woven interdependencies? Here’s your introduction to using graph theory for cloud risk management, reducing the cyb...

Weaponizing the Utility of Jenkins Script Consoles 

By: Rami H.
Sep 15, 2023

Jenkins misconfigurations can have far-reaching consequences; Cisco Panoptica’s attack surface scanner can detect such misconfigurations.  Jenkins is a widely used tool for continuous integration and continuous delivery and deployment (CI/...

Three Takeaways on Cloud Security from the IBM Data Breach Report 2023  

By: Shweta Khare
Aug 29, 2023

IBM’s annual Cost of a Data Breach Report offers its usual insights into the scale of cybercrime and the costs of security breaches. It paints a picture of a technological landscape which is becoming more complex, demanding and uncertain. As organ...