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Cloud Native Security Fortified: Panoptica at AWS re:Invent 2023  

By: Shweta Khare
Nov 21, 2023

AWS Re:Invent in Las Vegas is just around the corner, Nov. 27th – Dec. 1st, 2023. Stop by to meet us at booth 1276 (Outshift by Cisco)!  For over a decade, the worldwide cloud community has gathered at re:Invent, fostering connections,...


Secure incoming Amazon API Gateway traffic with Panoptica 

By: Meenakshi Kaushik
Nov 21, 2023

Overview  Panoptica Cisco’s Cloud Application Security platform provides end-to-end lifecycle protection for cloud native application environments. It empowers organizations to safeguard their APIs, serverless functions, containers, and Ku...

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Thought your Node.js latest Docker image was safe?

By: Jan Schulte
Oct 12, 2023

For all developers who run containerized JavaScript workloads in production:Is relying on node:latest as your base image a safe choice? It's effective from a developer productivity standpoint as you're up and running quickly.Have you ever wonde...

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Weaponizing the Utility of Jenkins Script Consoles 

By: Rami H.
Sep 15, 2023

Jenkins misconfigurations can have far-reaching consequences; Cisco Panoptica’s attack surface scanner can detect such misconfigurations.  Jenkins is a widely used tool for continuous integration and continuous delivery and deployment (CI/...


Three Takeaways on Cloud Security from the IBM Data Breach Report 2023  

By: Shweta Khare
Aug 29, 2023

IBM’s annual Cost of a Data Breach Report offers its usual insights into the scale of cybercrime and the costs of security breaches. It paints a picture of a technological landscape which is becoming more complex, demanding and uncertain. As organ...


Technical Deep Dive of Cloud Environment Graphs and Attack Paths 

Roy Maor
By: Roy Maor
Jan 9, 2023

In this article, we will break down the complex orchestration required to form a cloud environment graph and utilize it for detection and prioritization of attack paths. One of the most valuable security outputs that cloud owners can unlock through ...


Understanding Attack Paths and Attack Path Analysis in a Stateful Cloud Environment Graph 

Roy Maor
By: Roy Maor
Jun 30, 2021

Attack path analysis can be a complex beast. We’ve spoken in the past about how a graph-based approach to security risk analysis can elevate your cloud security posture overall. Check out this previous article to learn about the building blocks of...

Panoptica August - Attack Path Summary

How a Graph-Based Approach Can Elevate Your Cloud Security

Roy Maor
By: Roy Maor
Mar 11, 2021

Ever wondered how large organizations map complex cloud architecture, complete with dynamic assets, fast-paced changes, and tightly woven interdependencies? Here’s your introduction to using graph theory for cloud risk management, reducing the cyb...