Unlocking Deeper Cloud Security: Panoptica Unveils Additional Capabilities at CLUS

Becca Gomby
Wednesday, Jun 5th, 2024

In today' s dynamic cloud landscape, the demand for a sophisticated, all-in-one security platform is paramount. Panoptica meets the challenge head-on, empowering security teams with actionable insights that enhance their security posture. Panoptica leverages cutting-edge technology, integrating application monitoring to detect and prevent threats in real time, risk prioritization, and enhanced insights into cloud risks, supported by the industry-leading context-aware GenAI for cloud-native application security. These advancements assist organizations in safeguarding their cloud workloads and data effectively.

This prowess was demonstrated during this year's RSAC, where we unveiled three transformative solutions—Smart CDR, GenAI Dynamic Remediation, and Security Graph Querty—and now we are thrilled to announce even more groundbreaking capabilities for our cloud security platform.

Let’s take a look at these deepened solution capabilities.

  • CI/CD & Code Security: Additional investments in Panoptica’s CI/CD & Code Security Solution means that organizations can integrate their repositories and scan them for security issues earlier in the development pipeline. In addition to detecting Infrastructure as Code (IaC) misconfigurations, we’ve added enhanced secret detection as well as SAST capabilities to test source code for vulnerabilities.

    Beyond the code, teams can also assess the security posture of their source code management (SCM) services – such as GitHub and GitLab – scanning them for misconfigurations and risks. Additionally, CLI for image scanning provides teams with visibility into images run through their CI/CD and provides list of known weaknesses (CVE) found in images and images layers. Our CLI can be deployed on various CI/CD services to allow early-response automations and actions.

  • CIEM: Panoptica’s CIEM Solution is built to empower security analysts to proactively identify risks and threats associated with cloud identities. Our CIEM Solution further enhances our cloud security platform by providing comprehensive visibility into user and service entitlements, identifying and managing excessive or unused permissions, and ensuring compliance with least privilege principles.

  • DSPM: Panoptica’s DSPM Solution has made further advancements to provide sensitive data classifications. This capability means users can automatically discover, identify, and classify PHI, PCI, and PII data across the organizations managed and unmanaged data assets giving administrators better visibility in to not only where data resides, but what type of data it is.

  • Panoptica Integration with Multi-Cloud Defense: The seamless integration of Panoptica with Multi-Cloud Defense, creates a unified defense mechanism that not only addresses current threats but is also future-proofed against emerging risks. Panoptica also boasts integrations with Cisco’s Vulnerability Management and Secure Endpoint. These integrations give Panoptica additional levels of Malware scanning, expanded malware coverage, and detection.For further details on these integrations, please check out our blog.

Learn more about our CLUS announcements and dive more deeply into expanded capabilities, visit our website at www.panoptica.com or contact us at contact@panoptica.app.

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