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Meet Panoptica at Black Hat USA 2023: Control Your Multicloud Security Chaos! 

Shweta Khare
Tuesday, Jul 25th, 2023

The Many Reasons for Multicloud Security Chaos

Multicloud environments and cloud native applications have become popular because they offer great advantages like flexibility, scalability, and backup redundancy. But, keeping these setups secure can be really tough, leading to what people call "multicloud chaos" when it comes to security. It's a situation where handling security across multiple clouds becomes a bit of a mess. There are several reasons for this:

  • It's Complicated: Dealing with multiple cloud providers means dealing with different security tools and setups, making it hard to keep things consistent.
  • Inconsistent Rules: Each cloud provider has its own unique way of doing things, making it difficult to apply the same security practices everywhere.
  • Skills Shortage: Finding skilled professionals who know how to secure multicloud setups can be a challenge.
  • Shadow IT: Different teams within an organization might start using cloud services without proper oversight, which can create security vulnerabilities.
  • Staying Compliant: Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements across different clouds can be quite a headache.
  • Control and Visibility: It's not always easy to keep track of data across multiple clouds, which can lead to potential security breaches.
  • Making Things Work Together: Integrating and managing security solutions across different clouds can be tricky.

Stay on Top of Multicloud Security with Panoptica

Reduce the complexities of protecting your workloads and applications in a multicloud environment. Panoptica provides comprehensive cloud workload protection integrated with API security to protect the entire cloud application stack. Secure your applications with precision and simplicity. 

Panoptica addresses the key pain points in cloud application security to deliver robust protection in the dynamic cloud environment. With Panoptica, you gain comprehensive control over your multicloud security through the following benefits: 

  • Enhanced and in-depth visibility across the entire cloud application stack. 
  • Prioritization of critical risk findings with relevant context and actionable insights, leading to more effective threat detection. 
  • Streamlined remediation guidance of high-priority issues, minimizing the potential impact of security incidents and ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. 

According to the 2023 Ponemon/IBM "Cost of a Data Breach" report, the use of public clouds and multiple environments contributes to longer data breach lifecycles. The longest time to identify and contain a breach involved data stored across multiple environments, taking 291 days. This interval exceeded the shortest time to identify and contain a breach—which was 235 days in a private cloud environment— by 56 days or 21.3%. Time and precision is of the essence. It's time for security teams to prioritize risk assessment and remediation with precision. The report also highlighted that organizations that deployed more intensive, risk-based analysis experienced an average cost of a data breach of USD 3.98 million, a difference of 18.3%, compared to USD 4.78 million for organizations that relied on CVE scores only.

Learn how a comprehensive and consolidated approach to multicloud security can considerably strengthen your cloud security posture and save on costs, resources and time. Meet Panoptica, cloud application security solution, at Black Hat USA 2023, Aug 9-10 in Las Vegas.

Meet Panoptica at Black Hat USA 2023 in Las Vegas

Visit the Panoptica Booth #2728

Panoptica at Black Hat USA 2023 in Las Vegas

We are excited to meet you at Black Hat USA 2023 and discuss how our cloud-native application security solution, Panoptica, can help you significantly reduce risks in your cloud environment. Also, join us for a virtual limo tour of Las Vegas, a cup of coffee, and a chance to win our daily iPad raffle. For every physical or virtual engagement, we'll donate $1 to the American Red Cross. Make sure to swing by Booth #2728 to witness our live demo and interact with our product experts and Cisco Research team. 

Looking forward to meeting you at Black Hat USA 2023, Las Vegas!

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