Cloud Security Posture Management: Strengthening Defenses and Maximizing Cloud Benefits

By: Becca Gomby
Jul 20, 2023

What is Cloud Security Posture Management?  As organizations aggressively move to the cloud, Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is the name of a group of cloud security tools and technologies that aim to reduce the added associated ris...

Enhancing Cloud Visibility: The Importance of CSPM in Cloud Security

By: Becca Gomby
Jul 5, 2023

Curious about CSPM? We explain what cloud security posture management is, why it is needed, and how it works.  What is CSPM? Cloud security posture management (CSPM) is a set of automated procedures designed to identify and remediate misc...

Fortifying the Cloud-Native Frontier: Strategies for Application Security

By: Shweta Khare
Jun 29, 2023

The absence of cloud-native application security can have serious consequences for organizations. It exposes applications to higher risks of cyber threats, making them vulnerable to unauthorized access, data breaches, and disruptions. Non-compliance...

Unveiling the Top 5 Risks of Cloud-Native Environments

By: Shweta Khare
Jun 21, 2023

As cloud-native applications become the fuel powering business success, protecting the underlying application environment is vital. But that’s a complex and multi-faceted endeavor: Applications need to be protected throughout their lifecycle (from...

Spica Systems Embraces Panoptica to Develop a Highly Secure Private 5G Network Application

By: Tricia Nagar
Jun 15, 2023

At Spica Systems, developing applications that support private 5G network adoption among customers is an obsession. The Spica Systems team is deeply committed to designing SMC (Spica Mobility Core), their private 5G packet core application that help...

Why a cloud native application security solution is the next step in cloud security evolution

By: Shweta Khare
Jun 13, 2023

Cloud computing has transformed the business landscape, offering organizations unmatched flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. However, as cloud adoption continues to rise, ensuring the security of cloud-native applications and infrastructu...

Panoptica: A Holistic Cloud Native Application Security Solution for Enterprises

By: Idan Kober
Jun 6, 2023

Outshift by Cisco is paving the way with “DevOps-friendly” cloud native security solutions that fundamentally simplify conventional offerings. Today we are excited to announce the launch of Panoptica, our cloud native application security so...

Enhance Your Container Security with the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

By: Tricia Nagar
Apr 27, 2023

You are a self-professed cloud-native security warrior. You live to keep your containers and applications safe from the bad guys. Safe from the possibility of a cyberattack. Safe from a security breach. You are constantly evaluating the cloud threat...

The Case for Agentless Scanning for Simpler Cloud-Native Security

By: Tricia Nagar
Mar 30, 2023

As the cloud-native security space continues to evolve and expand, emerging concepts from the domain keep finding their way into mainstream industry vernacular. “Agentless” being one such concept. If you’ve never heard of agentless scanning be...

Stronger Together with Panoptica: Join us at RSA Conference 2023 to Learn How DevOps and SecOps can Collaborate for Success

By: Shweta Khare
Mar 28, 2023

Collaboration between developers and SecOps is essential when it comes to securing cloud computing environments. As more organizations adopt cloud computing, it's become increasingly important for teams to work together to ensure the security of the...