Cloud Detection and Response Has Evolving, Cloud-Scale Challenges

Cloud Detection and Response Has Evolving, Cloud-Scale Challenges

By: Tim Miller
Apr 26, 2024

h3.solution { background-color: #D0E2F3; border: 1px solid #073763; padding: 0.5em; } In our previous post, we explored the essentials of cloud detection and response (CDR), highlighting how the cloud's scale and complexity have...

The What and Why of Cloud Detection and Response

Cloud-scale Threats Need Cloud Detection and Response

By: Tim Miller
Apr 25, 2024

A recent survey from Gartner forecasts that worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services will total $679 billion in 2024, and that number is expected to jump to $1 trillion in 2027. Businesses left and right are moving to the cloud. But as t...

Panoptica experience

Breaking News: Panoptica Unveils Seamless Onboarding Experience!

Sarabjeet Chugh
By: Sarabjeet Chugh
Dec 20, 2023

Hey Panoptica Community, We've got some important enhancements to the Panoptica experience to share with you today. Brace yourselves as we introduce a fresh, user-friendly onboarding experience that's set to simplify and improve how you connect a...


Stronger Together with Panoptica: Join us at RSA Conference 2023 to Learn How DevOps and SecOps can Collaborate for Success

By: Shweta Khare
Mar 28, 2023

Collaboration between developers and SecOps is essential when it comes to securing cloud computing environments. As more organizations adopt cloud computing, it's become increasingly important for teams to work together to ensure the security of the...


CloudNativeSecurityCon Brought Focus and Learning to Security Issues in Cloud Native Environments

By: Kim McMahon
Feb 8, 2023

The inaugural CloudNativeSecurityCon (CNSC), hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), in Seattle, WA on February 1st and 2nd this year brought a growing realization among attendees that security in the cloud-native ecosystem is deeply...