Defender for Endpoint on AWS: Part 3

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on AWS: Part 3

Jonathan Rau
By: Jonathan Rau
Feb 1, 2022

In our first two entries in this series, we explored installing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) XDR agents on AWS EC2 instances, using manual scripts and AWS EC2 Image Builder, respectively. In this penultimate entry in the series, w...

Cloud Security Misconceptions

Killing Cloud Security Misconceptions Part 2: Cloud Workload Protection

Or Azarzar
By: Or Azarzar
Feb 23, 2021

As organizations accelerate their move to the cloud, it’s no surprise that many CISOs want to stick with what they know when it comes to security. On-premises, traditional best practices dictate that every endpoint or server needs to have its own ...


Compliance in the Cloud is Important: But it isn’t a Cloud Security Strategy

Vladi Sandler
By: Vladi Sandler
Dec 8, 2020

Did you know that 60% of organizations believe that their cloud-initiatives are accelerating faster than the ability to secure them? One of the top considerations for fast-moving companies is their ability to remain compliant with relevant regulatio...