Five Reasons You Need a CNAPP ASAP!

Contemporary application security has grown increasingly intricate, especially with the incorporation of third-party applications, adding an extra layer of complexity. By integrating third-party applications, developers relinquish a certain degree of control over security measures. Furthermore, modern applications feature a greater number of endpoints, expanding the potential attack surfaces. Amid the accelerated pace of application development, the task of continuous security risk management becomes notably more demanding.

Cloud native applications are being created at an exponential rate with an additional 500 million new applications expected by 2025. While this presents many opportunities, it also requires a new level of diligence and sophistication when it comes to preventing and mitigating potentially costly cyberattacks.

Attend this webinar by Tim Szigeti, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Outshift by Cisco, to uncover:

  • The opportunities, challenges, and risks of cloud environments

  • Learn how Cisco’s Panoptica cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) can help you address the challenges of modern cloud architecture.

  • Learn how to manage the risks associated with third-party microservices and how to ensure that your cloud environment is secure.



Principal Technical Marketing Engineer/Director of Technical Marketing