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Easily, quickly, and efficiently secure your cloud estate with Panoptica.
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Do you spend at least $5K/mo on your cloud bill to AWS or GCP? You can get Cisco’s cloud application security platform for less than $100/mo (you can also start for free).

And we are offering any customer who signs up for the annual Pro version of Panoptica 75% off (use code rinkuvm756 at checkout). That’s right, cloud security for less than $1K per year (plus read on for more special perks)!

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5 minute integration with AWS or GCP (read-only access) and you’ll get 10+ compliance frameworks checked and a prioritized list of issues to fix.

Agentless snapshot scanning and easy out of the box integrations bring you security from code to runtime. Plus Panoptica covers all the SOC 2 Type II technical services criteria for continuous cloud vulnerability scanning – helping you sell to Enterprises, now.

Protection from code to runtime

The choice is clear:

Panoptica is THE best value, but we’ve got even more reasons for you to love Panoptica.

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We are big believers in education.

Sign up for an annual subscription and we’ll provide your team with at least 1 free AWS skillsbuilder license (a $449 annual value).