Complete Kubernetes Security for Cloud-Native Applications

Panoptica provides comprehensive protection for multi-cloud Kubernetes workloads, scanning for misconfigurations. It detects and prioritizes security risks, ensures least-privileged access, and safeguards workloads’ runtime artifacts—including pods, configurations, and images.

Panoptica_Kubernetes Security for Cloud-Native Applications

Automate security configuration for multi-cloud Kubernetes

Misconfigurations in Kubernetes environments are the leading cause of vulnerabilities that increase security risks and, in some cases, lead to breaches. Panoptica helps to protect against common misconfigurations, such as privileged containers that cause host exploits, cluster admin role, missing resource-limitation policies, and more.

Automate security configuration for multi-cloud Kubernetes

Dynamic visual view of Kubernetes workloads

Enable DevOps and security with a shared visual view of all workloads, including their namespaces, deployments, containers, and connections. Remediate threats by priority, based on risk scores derived from the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Reducing your mean time to response (MTTR), while learning of weak spots to improve your Kubernetes architecture.

Kubernetes workloads | Cisco Panoptica

Panoptica ensures least-privilege access

Applying least-privilege access control enables your teams to control application functionalities and enforce fine-grained policies for secrets and data access. Panoptica simplifies the adoption of the principle of least privilege (PoLP) through policy- and role-based access control (RBAC).

Enhance security posture_kubernates security

Enhance security posture and prevent the deployment of unsafe and non-compliant workloads

Panoptica stregthens the security posture of Kubernetes workloads composed of multiple resources by controlling image contents, Kubernetes APIs, RBAC settings, and pod attributes. Ensuring the integrity of artifacts averts the risk of deploying unsafe workloads.

security posture of Kubernetes workloads_Panoptica_Cisco

Panoptica’s Kubernetes control plane is based on KubeClarity

Panoptica’s Kubernetes control plane is based on KubeClarity, a tool that enables detection and management of SBOMs and vulnerabilities within container images and filesystems. It scans both runtime Kubernetes clusters and CI/CD pipelines for enhanced software supply chain security. With Panoptica, you can easily navigate using intuitive hierarchies and utilize out-of-band dashboards to monitor pods, containers, nodes, and applications.

Panoptica_Kubernetes control plane is based on KubeClarity

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