Useful Cloud Security Tools and Links

By: Vladi Sandler

Oct 13, 2020


Being part of a community is powerful. At Panoptica, we learn so much from others all the time - peers, colleagues, partners, and customers; everyone leaves us with something useful. We are very thankful for the great cloud security community, and we also try to give back.

In the coming weeks, we will share our favorite cloud security resources and open source tools that can make your life easier.

To start us off, here is the first group of tools:

LEARN CLOUD NATIVE - An excellent resource to learn Kubernetes and Docker tips and tutorials with a cheatsheet.

Exploring Kubernetes Volumes

yq : A command line tool that will help you handle your YAML resources better - A great article about a tool similar to jq with an alternative and simpler approach, which can make templates of YAML files and combine them.

YAML Resources

gke-auditor - I am personally not a big fan of open source tools which try to handle misconfigurations  but this specific one can help to save time looking for generic bugs and vulnerabilities.