Panoptica assigns risk scores to enable consistent security across serverless functions

With Panoptica, you can apply role-based policies and permissions across your environment, ensuring consistent security. Once connected to your AWS account, Panoptica scans your serverless functions for vulnerabilities and prioritizes them based on their assigned risk scores.

security across serverless functions

Minimize the attack surface by constantly monitoring for vulnerabilities

Panoptica scans serverless functions for vulnerabilities and malware reported in CVE records and vendor advisories and ranks them by a risk score to ensure up-to-date coverage.

Control serverless function deployment based on risk scores

With Panoptica, you can set policies to specify which functions are compliant and authorized for deployment based on their risk scores. The risk score is determined based on code vulnerabilities in open-source packages, secrets (such as keys or passwords), data sources that may be targets for exfiltration, inappropriate or excessive permissions granted, and more.

Control serverless function deployment

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