Deep Dive on Attack Paths Using Panoptica

In the realm of cloud security, an attack path identifies the vulnerabilities—in a visual form—that an attacker can take advantage of in order to gain access to one or more assets and move laterally inside the compromised network. Understanding this attack path is super important because it helps us untangle the puzzle of how cybercriminals exploit many different weaknesses to cause data breaches, especially in cloud environments.

With Panoptica’s Attack Path Analysis, you can think like an attacker! Join this webinar to see how Panoptica cloud application security solution empowers cybersecurity teams with advanced capabilities, simplifying the process of safeguarding today’s modern cloud applications.

Join Michael Silva, Leader of the Solution Engineering Team at Outshift by Cisco, as he uncovers:

  • What are attack paths and how attack path analysis enhances risk management.

  • How Panoptica is providing customers with dynamically discovered attack paths inside of their cloud environments using a graph-based approach.

  • A demo of how an attack path can be exploited in an AWS environment.



Business Development Manager