Enterprise-grade security for cloud native architectures

Enhance visibility

Focus on the most important first with more clarity and real-time insights into risks across your entire cloud environment. From Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to cloud workloads and Kubernetes, reduce noise and make informed decisions.

Prioritize risks

Zero in on the biggest risks in your cloud environment with clear visibility and real-time insights. Manage potential threats from Infrastructure as Code (IaC), cloud workloads, and Kubernetes.

Take action

Get better, more dynamic risk management for complex multi-cloud environments. Improve efficiency with detailed guidance on key attack vectors.

Streamline compliance

Enforce cloud compliance best practices with automated runtime policies for PCI, HIPAA, NIST, and GDPR. Our policies match CIS-certified tests for Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Secure your applications from development to runtime

Reduce tools and vendors as you create secure, compliant cloud native apps.

Secure your applications from development to runtime

Enhance your security posture by safeguarding against known vulnerabilities in container images, mitigating configuration drift, and implementing runtime policy-based remediation measures.

Code & CI/CD Security

Scale across clusters and multi-cloud environments, secure your containers, serverless, VMs, and Kubernetes environments with efficiency.

Cloud Workload Protection (CWP)

Secure internal and external APIs, and API tokens. Check APIs for deviations from specs, signaling potential security risks.

API Security
Secure your applications from development to runtime

Why choose Panoptica cloud application security solution?

Discover new and unknown risks

Our security researchers continuously update attack path patterns based on threat data. Map security findings and connect dots between assets and resources so you can see critical attack paths.

Save your team hours

Our root cause analysis algorithm shares root cause findings with you and your team so you don’t have to spend time digging.

Dynamic remediation with ready-made code

Customize guardrails and remediation that suits your specific environments, user access, and permissions.

Why choose Panoptica cloud application security solution

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