Quick Start

Quick start guide enables an easy, step-by-step path to set up and use Panoptica in your own Kubernetes environment. After you sign up for Panoptica’s free tier (no time limit and no credit card required!), follow these three simple steps to connect your Kubernetes environment and realize the value in minutes on your own.

After you’ve created your cluster, select the download icon to deploy it.

Once the cluster is deployed, It will appear in the “K8s Controllers” page as “Active”

Panoptica will begin scanning your images and provide detailed insights about potential risks.

After you’ve installed your cluster, it’s easy to set up policies and view deeper-level risk information in the “Runtime” view, as well as under the “CI/CD,” “API,” and “Serverless” tabs. See how your applications connect with each other in the “Navigation” section.

👏 And voilà! You’re ready to roll. It’s a simple process, but if you need more detail, see our “Getting Started” documentation.

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