Everything DevOps need to know about the NSA’s Kubernetes Security Guidance

By: Alexei Kravtsov
Nov 30 2021

Kubernetes security is a complex topic. So complex that the National Security Agency recently issued a 59-page guidance document on Kubernetes security hardening. Yet, when you boil this advice down, you’ll find that most sources of c...

The 3 Pillars of API Security: Visibility, Risk Scoring & Enforcement

By: Alessandro Duminuco
Oct 20 2021

You can’t secure what you can’t see. APIs are no exception. Whether your application uses internal APIs to manage interactions between microservices, external APIs to integrate with third-party services, or both, you need to be able to visual...

Internal vs. External API Security: What to Know

By: Peter Bosch
Oct 6 2021

Every API falls into one of two categories: Internal or external. External APIs are APIs that developers use to integrate their applications with a third-party resource, such as a public cloud service or a SaaS application. This type of API is pr...

Cisco – the Bridge to an API-first, Cloud Native World

By: Liz Centoni
Apr 30 2021

The traditional development of applications is giving way to a new era of modern application development. Modern apps are on a steep rise. Increasingly, the application experience is the new customer experience. Faster innovation velocity is need...