Mergers and Acquisitions — The High Price of Cloud Security Blindspots

By: Vladi Sandler
Mar 3, 2021

How much would you pay for a Lexus GS? MSRP is $52,090 in 2021. Throw in All Wheel Drive and the Cold Weather Package and the price climbs to $55,090.  But what if it was missing the pre-collision safety system or the airbags were faulty? Wh...

DevOps-As-A-Service: The Downside You Need to Consider for Cloud DevOps Security

By: Vladi Sandler
Feb 23, 2021

DevOps. In just a few short years, DevOps services have gone from an obscure mashup of the words Development and Operations to being one of the most commonly adopted software development methodologies in use.  Today, many organizations ha...