The Cisco Secure Application Cloud

Secure and Accelerate Application Development

Panoptica is a cutting-edge platform that enables developers and engineers to implement cloud-native security measures throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from initial application development to ongoing runtime management. With Panoptica, you can experience the convenience of a single, streamlined interface that provides comprehensive security solutions for container, serverless, API, service mesh, and Kubernetes environments.

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Reduce Risks

Automated security from build pipelines to production workloads reduces risk of manual error.

Improve Visibility

Visibility and remediation guidance for containers, Kubernetes, application programming interfaces, and serverless functions.

Streamline Collaboration

Facilitates seamless collaboration across DevSecOps and promotes open-source innovation.

Kubernetes Security

A dynamic, real-time, logical view of running workloads in multi-cloud Kubernetes environments allows you to identify and remediate vulnerability faster.

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API Security

Multi-cluster, multi-cloud security with automation and policy-based declarative security approach.

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Serverless Security

Scans your serverless functions for vulnerabilities and prioritizes them based on their assigned risk scores.

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