Protection Against Newly Discovered Vulnerabilities - Panoptica

Securing Cloud-Native Applications from Development to Runtime

A cloud or multi-cloud architecture offers many advantages; however, as organizations move from legacy to cloud environments, they run into security challenges every step of the way, from development to production to deployment. This microservices-based environment is not only dynamic, with continuous technological updates, but it also exponentially expands the attack surface and exposes applications to a myriad of new combinatorial vulnerabilities and threats.

Panoptica_icon_Layer_x0020_1 You'll Learn:

  • Why the rising adoption of open-source software is concerning when it comes to security.
  • Why APIs Can Be a Risk to Kubernetes and Other Container Platforms.
  • How the use of Developer-ready “Serverless” Infrastructure is becoming mainstream.
  • How to Protect Cloud-native Apps from the Beginning.

Don’t wait to put these principles to the test (like after a breach). After all, “a stitch in time saves nine!”

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