Easily pinpoint and prioritize your critical cloud security risks

No more guesswork. No more alert fatigue. Visualize, prioritize, and remediate your critical cloud risks with ease.

Navigate complex cloud risks and vulnerabilities through a graph-based platform that surfaces and prioritizes the critical issues that matter most. Panoptica, Cisco’s cloud application security solution delivers the visibility and context needed to understand and eliminate risks, no more guesswork required.


Easily pinpoint and prioritize your critical cloud security risks

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Enhance Security & Gain Comprehensive Visibility with a CNAPP - WHITE PAPER
Panoptica for Complete Cloud Application Security

As more organizations move to the cloud, there is a growing need for an integrated platform approach to cloud security. One that can comprehensively protect your cloud native applications and infrastructure while keeping up with a constantly evolving threat landscape.

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Panoptica for Complete Cloud Application Security - SOLUTION BRIEF
What Is An Attack Path & How Does It Help Identify Risks?

An attack path is a visual representation of the path that an attacker takes to exploit a weakness in the system. An attack path focuses on looking at the entire context of related risks and security issues to see and address the potential weaknesses.

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