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Panoptica makes it easy to secure your containers, APIs, and serverless functions, and manage software bills of materials.

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Why move security earlier in the app lifecycle?

New cloud-native architectures allow teams to develop and deploy software more quickly, keeping up with the pace of today’s market. But this speed can come with a cost—security.

Panoptica closes the gaps by integrating automated, policy-based security and visibility into every stage of the software-development lifecycle

Cloud-Native Security Struggle - Panoptica

The cloud-native security struggle is real

Decentralized cloud-native architectures have significantly increased the number of attack surfaces. At the same time, changes in the computing landscape have raised the risk of catastrophic security breaches. Here are some of the reasons why comprehensive security is more important than ever before.

  • Frame IconThe proliferation of microservices
  • Vector_IconIncreased use of open-source
  • Vector_1Multi-cloud applications
  • Icon_5Rapid CI/CD cycles
  • Icon_4Remote workers

You need a platform that protects the entire application lifecycle—from development to runtime.

Secure your applications from build to production

Panoptica’s agentless, policy-based approach was designed specifically for the intricacies of today’s cloud-native architectures.

Kubernetes and Containers - Panoptica

Kubernetes and Containers

Protect your orchestration environment and container images. Get an at-a-glance view of your overall security posture.

Serverless Functions - Panoptica

Serverless Functions

Detect vulnerabilities and protect all of the moving pieces in your cloud-native application environment.

API Security - Panoptica

Software Supply Chain

Get software bills of materials to expose and validate the contents and authors of your open-source code.

Panoptica_API Security

API Security

Discover, inventory, and secure APIs with visibility, scoring, and enforcement.

Secure workloads in production

View and protect your running cloud-native applications, namespaces, and risks for root-cause analysis.


Awards and recognition

Peter Bosch

Peter Bosch

Distinguished Engineer

Peter Bosch, Panoptica’s Lead Architect and Distinguished Engineer, received the CSO50 Award in 2022 for his project “An API for an API (AAFAA).” The CSO50 Award is a recognized mark of risk and security excellence.



Panoptica integrates with the tools you rely on today for observability and monitoring. It fits seamlessly into your environment.

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Cloud-Native Application Security
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